About us


Famatech SRL is a company with a main activity in industrial production with an entirely private romanian-french capital, established in Romania since 2004. Since the beginning, we have acquired a relevant experience and knowledge in the technical field and we also managed to widen our area of expertise in various directions. Our activity is placed in a production hall with a total surface of 3000 square meters and we use modern industrial ecquipment.

Due to the experience of our parent company FGPM as a player on international markets, with commercial poles situated in Lyon and Sibiu, Famatech continues its expansion on the French and continental market and pursuits its main goal of conquering the European market. Our company develops innovative and creative industrial solutions with a strong technological content for different activity sectors.
After 2004, Famatech offers supple connection techniques (supple ringed bellows, supple cuffs, compensators etc.), thermic and sound-proof protections (sheaths, protection screens), PVC, silicone and folded leather protection bellows, and also special equipment such as bulk charging systems and Big Bag charging stations. Our company also offers waterjet cutting services and PVC coating.

For inquiries please contact us by
phone: +40 269 555 254

Contact :
+40 269 555 254 | +40 755 010 971
Street. Textiliștilor nr. 17, 555700 Tălmaciu jud. Sibiu, Romania

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