Big Bag loading-unloading stations – technical properties


Our experience in loading solid materials, pellets or powder by using gravitation, lead us to developing Big Bag loading-unloading stations.

Our stations, designed to comply to the hardest and most demanding working conditions, are available in various models. They are custom made in order to respond better to the specific rules and conditions of your activity field.


Designed according to each clients' particularities, the stations allow a rapid and economic loading, with minimum waste, even if the product is compacted powder. They can be used in various industrial activity fields, such as:

• Food industry;
• Sugar industry;
• Chemical and petrochemical industry;
• Cement industry;
• Pits;
• Recycling industry.

Taking into consideration the dimensions, material type and working conditions, we can develop the loading station that best corresponds your needs. And our Research & Development department is available for any specific request.


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