Bulk charging systems – technical properties


Our bulk charging systems are custom designed and manufactured to be the best adapted solution for your needs. They allow loading solid products, pellets or powder, into tank trailers, tank waggons, containers, tankers etc.


Their simplicity, polyvalency and modularity respond to various industrial applications. Their design also allows easy service interventions.



Our models can be:Used materials:
        - Simple bulk charging;        - Painted steel;
        - Double bellow bulk charging;        - Stainless steel 304 L;
        - Bulk charging with cones and suction bellow;        - Stainless steel 316 L;
        - Bulk charging with telescopic tubes and suction below;        - Polyester resin.
        - Bulk charging with built-in filtering system.



By using stainless steel 304L and non-toxic PVC for the manufacturing of the ringed bellow, makes the system suitable for the food industry.

We also have available a wide range of accesories that allow us to design the system according to your needs. Whatever the loaded product, there is an adapted system for each customer. Our Research & Development department is available for any specific request.

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