Ease your work and save time and money with our complementary turning, milling, welding, bending, and guillotine cutting solutions, all at one address.

We produce on demand various spare parts, metal rings, axes, bushings, normal or trapezoidal threads, etc. We have a qualified staff with comprehensive experience in the field of mechanical machining, we can produce finished parts with precise dimensions and shapes, and we execute both unique pieces and series.

Our Study Office is at your disposal to analyze all the requirements of your project and to find together the solution appropriate to your needs.


By turning we can process compact materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, wood, Teflon, PVC, stainless steel, plastic, etc., and the surfaces can be cylindrical, conical, profiled, helical, or flat.

    We have two turning devices with that can make parts:
  • with a diameter of up to 450 mm
  • with a length of up to 1000 mm
  • and with high precision, according to the work plan


By milling we can shape blocks of hard materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, wood, PVC, stainless steel, wood, etc., and the finished products can be varied: axles, bushings, metal rings of all types, various spare parts, etc.

    We have a three axes’ milling cutter that can make finished parts of the following dimensions:
  • Maximum length: 600 mm
  • Maximum width :200 mm
  • Maximum thickness: 100 mm


By our welding process it can be joined steels, aluminum, and stainless steel; our welding team is certified, and we execute both unique parts and product series.

  • Steel welding corresponds to a wide range of applications and is recommended to increase the strength and durability of the welded structure.
  • Stainless steel welding is ideal in wet or corrosive environments and has advantages such as high corrosion resistance, shock resistance and high temperatures resistance.
  • Aluminum welding is recommended in applications that require low weight, durability, and weather resistance.


In addition to waterjet cutting, turning, milling, and welding services, you can also opt for sheet metal bending or pipe rolling operations.

The sheet metal is bent by ABKANT machines; profiles with lengths up to 1.5 m and thicknesses up to 5 mm can be obtained, and hard materials such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel can be processed.

Concerning pipe rolling, round pipes, full round profiles, square pipes, rectangular pipes and platbands can be processed.


      Our guillotine is ideal for cutting sheets of steel, aluminum, stainless steel or copper sheets, and the maximum cutting dimensions are as follows:
    • maximum length: 2 m
    • maximum width: 2 m
  • maximum thickness: 2 mm

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