High temperature supple cuffs and compensators


Supple cuffs and collars

Based on a wide range of technical materials, we manufacture on demand, in any size you need, cuffs that allow flexible connections and bondings. Also, they absorb vibration and noise, compensate coaxial departures and expansions.

Our cuffs are produced by combining adequate fabrics according to their purpose.

  • High temperature (around 1200°C);
  • Corrosion;

Cuffs can be manufatured through several processes such as sewing, hot air welding, glueing or clipping, according to their purpose and to the material mixture used.

We also have a wide range of accesories:  

  • Fastening collars;
  • Fastening collets;
  • Flanges, clamps;
  • Patches, screws etc.


High temperature supple compensators

In completing our flexible connection product range, we also produce supple fabric compensators. These are conceived to be according to your technical requests.

We also offer, on demand, steel, corten steel or stainless steel metalic confections adapted to your equipments.  

Cuffs/compensators can come in different shapes:

  • cylinder;
  • rectangular;
  • conic;
  • pyramid;

cylinder - rectangular.

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