Our company

With more than a decade of experience as a manufacturer, Famatech SRL brings you industrial solutions with a strong technological content in various product and service sectors.

- Flexible technical links;
- Technical protection;
- Specific equipment;
- Service provision.

Our product and services

Our solutions

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Fields of use

Through its diverse catalog of products and services, Famatech has become an important actor in many industry standards and diverse needs.


Participation at the BSDA 2018, as an exhibitor, represent for Famatech an opening toward new collaborations with companies in various areas of production, including the aviation industry.

Our team has managed to bring these companies closer to professional solutions that we offer for technical field.

For inquiries please contact us by
phone: +40 269 555 254

Contact :
+40 269 555 254
Street. Textiliștilor nr. 17, 555700 Tălmaciu jud. Sibiu, Romania