Leather technical articles

LEATHER - a modern and efficient material
With the advent of polymers, some manufacturers have forgotten a material that was previously a technical necessity to ensure the dynamic sealing of many connections: leather.
A real alternative to these composite materials, leather competes favorably in the aeronautics, industry, railway and agriculture sectors.
A low flammable material
Naturally, leather is a low flammable material. When properly prepared, it passes CS 25 / FAR 25 25853 Appendix F part 1 Vertical Gantry Test (12 sec.) type tests. Why do you think welders' aprons are made of leather?
Exceptional mechanical resistance
The structure of the leather fiber network allows the material to obtain exceptional physico-mechanical characteristics: tear resistance, permanent deformation, flexibility, strength and elongation at break. The ISO 388 standard is one of the methods characterizing the properties of leather, including its resistance.

Also, if the “ageing” process occurs, for leather there are treatments that can be applied which bring it back to “life”. Because we are reffering to a “living” material and it needs special care and  attention.
A variable density
Leather is characterized by a density (density) of 0.6 to 0.95g/cm3 (i.e. 600 to 950Kg/m3) varying according to the species and the types of tratments applied.
Treatments and their role
Besides leather’s natural qualities, there are a series of treatments which confer the final products special characteristics such as high-temperature, pressure or oils and chemical factors resistance; water proof or outstanding aesthetic properties.  

In conclusion, considering all of these aspects related to this exceptional material, we believe that the transformation process of the leather into industrial adapted articles becomes a real art.
Leather dynamic seals
We manufacture leather dynamic seals:  
- shapes: U, V, cap (calotte), hat (chapeau), ring (rondelle)
- for presses, cylinders and for any type of pump with a piston. 
Leather protective bellows
We manufacture leather protective bellows for cylinder rods, ball screws, various axles, gimbals.  Realizăm burdufuri de protecție din piele pentru tije de cilindru, șuruburi cu bile, diverse axles, cardane, etc. From the Eiffel Tower elevator to various machine tools, not forgetting motorcycle forks, cameras, these bellows meet many uses.
Leather gaskets for Muratori sprayer
Leather cuffs and compensators
Protections and cutouts
We manufacture covers, protections for various applications, such as: control desks, covers, robots, etc. We also cut various shapes in various materials: insulating foam, leather, felt, cork, elastomers, plastics, paper, marsit, graphite based materials...
Belts and straps
We manufacture leather belts for pendulum presses, punching and stamping machines. For transmissions, belts with keys for Big-Bag loading systems, hood straps and other different types of belts.
Leather caps and sealing gaskets for manual water pumps or for other types of pumps with piston
Since 1896, Emile JANIQUE and now, Famatech manufactures leather cups and sealing gaskets for pumps. If your pump no longer delivers water, your cap gasket is probably out of order. All you have to do is measure the cylinder (diameter in millimeters) or the working seal, the diameter of the middle hole which allows the screwing on the seal holder.

Remember that your pump will only be effective if your valves are working!
Eiffel tower elevator
- bellow
- bellow
Photo cameras
- black horse leather bellow
Presses for vegetable oil, nut oil, etc.
- special gaskets
Gaskets for piston pumps of any type
- bicycle pumps
- manual and alternative water pumps
Every year as summer approaches, you dread the moment when you will discover that your hand pump is no longer delivering water to irrigate your garden.
We have the solution!

One of the most frequent failures on hand pumps and reciprocating pumps is at the level of the caps and piston seals of your pump. For it to work, these organs must ensure a perfect seal.
We manufacture this type of leather seals. They will ensure their technical role and guarantee you flawless durability due to the treatment applied to the components.

- for sprayers
- keys/tools cases - with or without staple
Milling and bakery
- belts with keys for bagging flour
- motorcycle protection bellows
In October 1924, 8 Citroëns equipped with half-tracks took the start of “The Black Cruise”, a journey of 20,000 km across Africa. Almost 100 years later, Émile Janique got involved in the identical restoration of one of these vehicles: Scarabée d’Or.

- bellows for new and vintage cars
Industrial equipment
- special bellows
- closing valve seals

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