Imagination exercise

The need for security, safety, protection, situated on the second level in Maslow’s pyramid, presents a special importance for each of us. This is also highly connected to the survival instinct and to the quite natural instinct to protect others. Animal and human offsprings, young plants seem more beautiful and trigger this instinct in it’s roughest form.

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Famatech at Meet the Northern Industry, Groningen, Nov 11, 2021

Meet the Northern Industry 2021 was organized by GJS Support, managed by the highly committed Ms. Greta Jager-Smits, with the support of the government of northern Netherlands province Groningen, but also of important representatives of the business environment, such as : Royal Dutch Metals Association (MetaalUnie), Dutch Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (MKB NL), Business, Frisian Export Club, Northern Export Club.

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Global Industrie Lyon 2021

In 2021, as well, we have taken part as an exhibitor at Global Industrie Lyon. We consider that maintaining a permanent connection with the market, especially during this period marked by uncertainty, is a most important aspect, given our goal to consolidate, both in the present, as well as in the future Famatech's image and position.

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Double Production Capacity


2021 was and still is a year of reorganising and reevaluation of the abilities and priorities of each and every one of us. In this context, we chose the path of investing in technology and new production capacities.

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BSDA 2018

Participation at the BSDA 2018, as an exhibitor, represent for Famatech an opening toward new collaborations with companies in various areas of production, including the aviation industry.

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