Protection bellows:

With a main role in protecting the sensitive parts of the equipments, from getting in contact with oil, chemical substances, water, dust etc., the protection bellows are indispensable for the best functioning for a long period of time of your equipments. Whatever materials used, shapes or dimensions, the production process of these bellows implies a special technique, in order to guarantee their quality and their reliability.


Supple ringed bellows / telescopic charging bellows:

Supple ringed bellows are used in various fields like fine particles transport and/or smoke, dust or air absorption. Their conception and fabrication process by using stainless steel or plain steel rings offers the final product an optimum flexibility and a long-term usage period.

Supple cuffs and compensators:

The supple cuffs and the compensators represent connection elements for industrial equipments. These are conceived to absorb vibrations, to permit movements and to compensate the dilations that can occur. In the material choosing process, one considers the terms and conditions of use: temperature, abrasion, corrosion.

Sealing gaskets / Metal roof sealing profiles:

The sealing gaskets play a fundamental role in sealing different structures or equipments, but they can also be used for vibration attenuation. They are manufactured from various materials according to the industrial sector and the terms and conditions of use. We produce sealing profiles for all types of folded metal sheets: eave, crest and gutter.

Thermic protection screens:

Created to resist high temperatures, the thermic protection screens protect and secure the working environment. Conceived and developed after a long research process, the screens insure high protection and are manufactured only from environmentally friendly materials (no asbestos in their composition).

Thermic/Noise Protection Covers:

The protection covers are designed to respond to various and important They guarantee the safety of the working environment and longer functioning of your equipments, and secure protection against high temperatures, noise, vibrations and different mechanical shocks.

Bulk charging systems:

Using gravitation, the bulk charging systems allow an easy, fast and secure load from the storage hoppers into tank trailers, tank waggons, containers, tankers etc. Our systems adapt to our customers’ both dimensional and accesorising requirements.

Big Bag loading-unloading stations:

Designed especially for loading „Big Bag” sacks, our stations are conceived to be used for different products and quantities and to ease and accelerate the charging process.

Flexible tubing:

The main purpose of our flexible tubing models is to ensure an optimal transfer of different substances or materials: air, gas, liquid or solid materials.


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