Protection bellows - Technical properties

Used in various industrial sectors for protecting equipment gearing, rods, press columns, slide bars, our protection bellows are manufactured from:
• PVC - usage temperature up to max. 80ºC;
• Silicone - usage temperature up to max. 250ºC;
• Polyurethane fabric - usage temperature up to max. 180ºC;
• PVC fabric - usage temperature up to max. 80ºC.

PVC, silicone and polyurethane bellows

We manufacture these bellows by modular creation of each die-block (for unique or small series pieces), or using custom created matrices for medium and large series. The large array of adaptable (modular) die-blocks that we have, allow us to manufacture bellows with different diameters and shapes: cylindrical, cone-shaped, cylindrical-cone-shaped.


The raw material we use (PVC, silicone or polyurethane) is available in a range of different quality standards. The standard colour is black, but if necessary, they can be white, yellow, red, brown etc. These bellows are waterproof and resistant to dust, oils and alkalis.



According to your technical requests, our PVC, silicone or polyurethane bellows can be reinforced with a Kevlar, Nomex or Polyester fabric in order to obtain a higher mechanical resistance.

Also, to facilitate bellows installement and usage, we can offer accesories such as:
        - Fixing collars and flanges;
        - Filtering or decompression openings;
        - Guiding rings;
        - Zippers.

On request, we can also manufacture special bellows, for the nuclear industry, technically certified, with special assemblings: heated belt, special features for perfect sealing.


Sewed bellows

The sewed bellows are manufactured from folds of different technical fabrics. Through sewing, the bellows preserve their shape very well and, also, they gain a high resistance. They are sewed both on the inside and on the outside.

Material choice is made according to each clients’ specified working conditions. On demand, the bellows can be sealed.

Folded fabric bellows

In completing our custom made bellows portfolio, we also produce, according to your technical requests, folded fabric bellows.

Usually, we add to our folded bellows rigid plates, slides and anchoring frames made from PVC, aluminum, steel or stainless steel. Also, on demand, anchoring can consist of hook-and-loop fasteners, velcro or other systems.

The protection bellows used for elevation tables/platforms are also included in this category. Being used in the most various sectors, in order to protect the elevation tables/platforms, our bellows are manufactured by folding different fabric materials.



The materials we use are:

- Polyester fabric impregnated on both sides with PVC and/or antistatic PVC, for maximum use temperature of 80 ºC.
- Polyester fabric impregnated on both sides with Polyurethane, for maximum use temperature of 180 ºC.

For all types of bellows, we have a stockpile of usual raw materials, in standard colours, and we are able to promptly respond to your requests.

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