Protection screens


Using our French „mother” company’s 15 years experience as a guideline, Famatech also produces thermic protection screens, designed to resist to very high temperatures (up to 1400°C) and to guarantee a safe working environment.


The products used for manufacturing protection screens are approved for individual protection and are environmental friendly due to the fact that they do not contain asbestos or ceramics.


The certified materials, based on technical fabrics, resist to very high temperatures, ensure a certain level of thermic isolation, they have heat absorbtion properties and are environmentally approved.


A wide range of materials can be used in the manufacturing process of the thermic screens, such as:  

  • Bio-soluble glass fiber with an 80 microns aluminum foil;
  • Vermiculite treated texturized fiberglass;
  • Silica felt with/without aluminum foil;
  • Silica fabric high temperature resistant;
  • Glass fabric finishing polyurethane impregnated (custom coloured);
  • High temperature resistant sewing thread.



We can offer you a wide variety of packaging solutions:

  • Packing case;
  • PE bags;
  • Promotional label;
  • Rigid PE packaging.

On demand, we can adapt dimensions and packaging for the protection screens to each customer’s needs.

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