PVC plastification/PVC metal coating – technical properties


A reliable solution for protecting your products, PVC coating is obtained by dipping the pieces, an apparently simple procedure, but one that requires a specific technical know-how.

By using a PVC substance with a hardness between 55 și 65 Sh, this procedure is recommended for it’s adherence capacity, abrasion resistance, vibration absorbtion.

By using a PVC substance with a hardness between 80 și 90 Sh, this procedure is recommended for it’s ability to ensure electrical isolation, shock or mechanical aggressions resistance.

The pieces dipping duration in the PVC bath determines the width of the PVC layer (minimum 1 mm).


PVC coating offers protection against any kind of dust, mechanical or exterior aggressions or against certain harmful liquids, but also a good anticorrosion protection.

  • Resistance to temperatures between -20 °C and 80 °C;
  • UV and other atmospheric factors resistance;
  • Chemical and mechanical resistance;
  • Aesthetic aspect by obtaining a shiny surface.


In case of a special demand, our Research & Development department is available for any request and to help you find the best solution for your needs.


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